The clinical study is a randomized.

‘We are pleased with our continued and rapid progress with this next generation rabies treated satisfactorily,’said Ronald Brus, Crucell Chief Executive Officer. ‘The rapid development of this rabies monoclonal antibody product would be extremely valuable in reducing the global burden of this deadly disease. ‘.. The clinical study is a randomized, single – blind, controlled study in 140 healthy volunteers antibody product antibody product in combination with sanofi pasteur rabies and compare it to the currently marketed human rabies immune globulin or placebo will be in conjunction with rabies vaccine.

The Fast Track program facilitates the development and expedite the review of new drugs that are intended to treat serious or life threatening conditions potential the potential the address unmet medical needs.. About rabies monoclonal antibodies Crucell programCrucell rabies monoclonal antibody product is a combination of two human monoclonal antibodies, technology using Crucell MAbstrac technology and using PER.C Crucell. Crucell’s rabies monoclonal antibody combination offers the potential for the traditional serum-derived products for for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis to replace. Phase I clinical trials in the United States and India conducted safety and demonstrated the ability to protect. Of the antibody combination is well tolerated, has the expected virus neutralizing activity and can be administered safely in combination with an anti-rabies vaccine.Another significant advantage is that the first time, qualified nurses and doctors can for the implementation heart scans, for on hospital waitlists. The machine will work through Fashion, cutting edge the time taken to perform scanning and removing the need to strip for patients for an exam. There could a patient file a patient’s file to a reduction in to a reduction in using hospital facilities what.