The authors from Group Health Cooperative in Seattle.

The authors – from Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, the National Cancer Institute , part of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, the University of Washington, Seattle, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, also in Seattle – concludes that the more antibiotics used , the women in the study, the higher her risk of breast cancer.

In the JAMA study, for example, had more than 70 % of women are used between one and 25 prescriptions for antibiotics to treat various conditions for an average 17 – year period, and only 18 % of women in the study had not filled any antibiotic prescriptions from their inclusion in the health plan.Knoderer. – ‘An unexpected advantage of the new style of the round was that parent were lower at team complete as a bedside deflect Add the child’s room, parents and doctors often offset a ringing phone, computer, TV / video games, a sophisticated brothers and sisters sibling and one patient question. Their parents sit in rounds was more focused and was a list of with a list of specific question or concern. Because the family understand that they had limited period of time at the Team rounds of had to concentrate more, ‘wrote Dr. Knoderer. In addition, parents were no fear order left their child in the rooms to to miss miss the opportunity to speak with the doctor.. Everyone weekday morning, the families of patients have the possibility register sit-down sit-down team rounds of if their child will be discuss the case optionally.