The analysis is for all causes of higher mortality in hepatitis C

‘This should reinforce the importance of preventive measures, particularly in subjects at risk of contracting the disease, and early diagnosis and better access to treatment for those already infected, even in the absence of liver disease,’ said the ‘the study’s lead author, Dr. Samer El-Kamary, University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. ‘Even if the infection with hepatitis C may not be the cause of death, patients with the disease may be at higher risk of dying from other high-risk behaviors that may have also caused the infection.Dr. El-Kamary added: ‘Given the low cost of testing for hepatitis C, may be appropriate to consider more liberal early diagnosis of patients suspected of infection in case they can be defined as a treatment as soon as possible.’

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Among the 203 persons with chronic hepatitis C, 44 dead, nine liver-related causes. The remaining 35 deaths were due to HIV infection, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other causes.

Compared to people who tested negative for hepatitis C, patients with chronic hepatitis C is more than double the risk of death is liver and causes unrelated to the liver.