The abstract held at the conference in Calgary.

The abstract held at the conference in Calgary, Alberta presented had skin tissue cholesterol with angina, diabetes, and history of stroke / TIA is associated in patients with coronary heart disease, Milan Gupta, Michelle Tsigoulis and Michael Evelegh, IMI International Medical Innovations.

? Skin sterol seems new information about CAD risk permit;? Skin sterol levels were high-risk patients high-risk patients, which suggests a positive correlation to angina and diabetes (p= 0, when adjusted for age and race;? Serum or blood markers were not positively associated with prior stroke, angina or diabetes correlates skin sterol values ​​were higher in Caucasians than in non – Caucasians (p= 0.– Approximately 30 percent of veterans of covered of Veterans Health System suffering depressive symptoms, twice to three times the installment the general population of.