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Malhotra offers the following suggestions for those who regular sleep regular sleep difficult because of the irregular working hours:Check your environmentIf you come from is a night shift and trying to get some sleep one, sunny day to catch confuse your brain. Make sure your blinds are drawn and reduce other light in your bedroom. ‘I find ways exposure to sunlight exposure to sunlight recommend bedtime Wear sunglasses on the way home from work, ‘said Malhotra. ‘And conversely, before work, spend time in a well-lit room. ‘.

Rule out medical conditionsIt may take some time to have to see a sleep specialist if you are in trouble at work are always the receipt of complaints or a hard time being productive. Losing your temper with your family and not be able to stay at your child’s recital are other warning growing that sleep deprivation affects your life. A doctor can rule out serious health conditions, such as sleep apnea -. And in some patients, medications can help with sleep problems. There are a variety of FDA-approved drug for jet lag and shift work, and some of the newer for for long term use.Is available to Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Test Kits a comment.

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