Suicide risk of 11 antiepileptic drugs

The drugs were relatively more likely to be related to suicide when used to treat epilepsy only when used to treat psychiatric disorders or other conditions.The 11 drugs cited by the FDA are: carbamazepine

New drugs that specifically target the mutated genes responsible for the growth they have shown great success in extending the lives of patients with side effects much less conventional cancer therapies. Unfortunately, many patients become resistant to these drugs due to secondary mutations.

All patients are currently underway or starting any antiepileptic drug should be closely monitored for notable changes in behavior that could indicate the emergence or worsening of suicidal thoughts or behavior, or, the FDA warned in a letter to operators health.

The warning comes from an FDA analysis of suicidality – suicidal behavior or thoughts – .

Antiepileptics in a placebo-controlled studies of 11 drugs known collectively as the drugs are used to control seizures and to help control symptoms of certain psychiatric disorders .