Stroke Awareness: NC Stroke Association is the catalyst for innovative programs of disease in rural North Carolina

North Carolina has long been listed as part of the belt of diseases of the loop , which means that the mortality rate from the state are up to three times the national average. To reduce the impact of the state and the impact of the race, the NC Stroke Association collaborates with community hospitals in North Carolina to bring innovative, turnkey programs operate on the basis of evidence in their rural communities.The NC NC Stroke Association helps hospitals to expand their reach across programs and protocols race. Program addresses disease risk NCSA Identification stroke screening, prevention and education. The NCSA beyond the education program addresses the hospital stroke services avoiding future strokes and monitoring.

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Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson, North Carolina uses NCSA Beyond the Hospital program and provides all his travels and patients with more than the textbook university hospital. It has good information and is a valuable resource for our patients, says Jan Parham, RN, Coordinator Maria Parham diseases. We believe that education is a key factor as we continually strive to improve outcomes for our stroke patients, and beyond the hospital’s program is very important for us to provide that education. The monitoring data provided by NCSA also allows us to see how effective the education was

Small, rural hospitals are often working with a very lean infrastructure and limited staff resources and time to develop education programs and monitoring the race, says Carolyn Ezzell, BSN, RN-BC Community Services Coordinator General Hospital Kenansville Duplin, North Carolina, a rural farming community in southeastern North Carolina with one of the highest rates of uninsured status and mortality rates are higher than the brain of the race that the state and national averages. Our goal is to see the rates of mortality decline race in our country, and the resources available at NCSA allowed us to work towards this goal.

Old Onslow Memorial Hospital adds, Many of the challenges that our community and the hospital faces related to stroke are experienced by others around the state.

NCSA provides us with valuable advice and support so that I always feel assured, as coordinator course of a nurse, I have someone to go if I need help.