Statement for the year 2012 IPPS proposed rule

Hospitals in America are deeply disappointed that the proposal now is still essential in the care which the elderly depend. does not already include the cost of hospital services and these reductions are ultimately the ability of hospitals to treat patients and communities more difficult. This proposal exacerbates the cost-shift , the rising costs of health care to employers and other purchasers of private cover.We remain concerned that CMS continues to move forward with the proposal to change code , which is excessive and wrongly assumes spending on hospital care has increased only because of changes in the code. At Independent research confirms that the method of CMS does not recognize that hospitals are treating patients who are older and sicker.

Hospital care is threatened because of cuts in government programs and proposed federal budget cuts for Medicare and Medicaid programs, which are woefully under-funded programs. At the same time, these capacity reductions may stunt hospitals’ to continue to make significant investments in areas such as information technology to improve care. This is not the time to further reduce funding for essential hospital services.

We urge CMS to reconsider its analysis of the coding offset to protect access seniors’ care they need and deserve.