Source: Alex Fernandes Queen Mary.

Source: Alex Fernandes Queen Mary,Immersion Medical Releases New Modules for Endovascular AccuTouch SystemPracticing on the Endovascular AccuTouch technology can help people comply with the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education , which call for a minimum of 300 cardiac catheterization before training in coronary interventions, followed by a minimum of 12 months and at least 250 interventions. I think those who the the Immersion Medical simulator for better performance, less time to have completed a task, and requires less process for competence than trained under the historical mentoring method to achieve said Dr. Alan Yeung, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and Director, Interventional Cardiology, Stanford University School of Medicine.

‘The health sector must be prepared to than 32,000 method efficiently, accurately and treat with minimal complications for the patient, ‘said Dr. Kevin Kunkler, medical director and vice president, Immersion Medical. ‘Therefore, the endovascular AccuTouch simulator is so advantageous. It offers one of the best ways to assist in training skills, techniques and skills, techniques and management of life – critical complications before actual contact with patients. It enables trainees to increase their confidence and competence in a safe and realistic environment. ‘.Health and development global conversion targets ‘. Of a December 2009 Study on from Guttmacher and of the United Nations Population Fund, ‘How important to save simultaneous investments in family planning or prenatal related maintenance the life of women and baby world has been emphasized,’she continues. The study found that maternal mortality in the developing world ‘were reduced by 70 percent, ‘reduces with newborns death by almost 50 percent ‘where the world doubling the current 12 billion U.S.

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