Social marketing is the best option to help consumers navigate the health care system, according to a study

The research paper co-written and directed by Professor of Marketing Debra Scammon entitled Transforming the health of consumers has been published in the June issue of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.Frustrations and problems including alarms for the insertion of the device. We found that people who used more than one approach to problem solving and persists in trying to learn to use the CGM said.

The paper highlights some of the challenges of potential consumers as a result of initiatives implemented in response to CHP and suggests ways health care providers, policy makers and health care marketing can better prepare consumers to meet them. After examining the three barriers to consumer understanding, decision making, and maintaining healthy behaviors Scammon recommended that social marketing is the best way for the health of the consumer segment, and identify the specific challenges faced by each segment.

For consumers successfully navigate the space of healthcare trends, providers and policy makers will need to provide consumer education, Scammon said. The success of the CHP relies heavily on consumers ‘willingness’ to participate in a series of health care initiatives. To ensure this participation, we will need to be issued a series of public policies and efforts to educate the public about their health care options and motivating them to engage in healthy behaviors.

We believe that the most effective way to achieve this is for marketing professionals and policy makers to launch innovative social marketing strategies