Smoking is bad for your wealth

The best investment for the financial and physical. Stop smoking. Successful programs to improve health and can also stimulate wealth, Zagorsky said.The net worth of people who had never been heavy smokers was almost $ 8,400 less than non-smokers for life. Light smoking net worth nearly $ 2,100 less than non-smokers.

The typical participant was less than $ 75,000 in equity each year. Non-smokers are richer than smokers.

But since these problems have not changed deficiency smoking. Neither the removal of 1 percent of the values ​​of wealth away from people very rich. Real-Life Costs

For each year of smoking for adults, net worth fell $ 410, or approximately 4 percent. Like most of the smokers smoked almost 7.5 years, the condemnation of the typical heavy smoker is almost $ 11,400, and the total penalties for smoking light is typically $ 5100, Zagorsky wrote.

The cold, hard numbers recently appeared in the journal Tobacco Control, courtesy of Ohio State University researcher Jay Zagorsky.

You probably already know that smoking is harmful for the heart, lungs and the rest of the body. But you know what smoking does to savings?

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can make your life shorter and poorer at the same time. Buy cigarettes is like letting all those thousands of dollars floating in your wallet or burning money in a cloud of tobacco smoke.

Zagorsky studied a national sample of young baby boomers born from 1957-1964. They were the first generation to grow up with clear warnings about the dangers of smoking, he said. Other age groups may have different results.

Smoking robs these options, the exchange for cigarettes. It also reduces funds for families of smokers or medical care.

He said that smokers tend to have less education and income were less likely to be married. These factors may make it more difficult to pass, not to mention rich.