Sleep can increase the performance of students in class

Sleep can help students maintain and integrate the new information to solve the problems of a revision in the classroom, suggests a research abstract that will be presented Tuesday, June 14, Minneapolis, Minnesota, at SLEEP 2011, the 25th anniversary meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC . Our results demonstrate the importance of sleep for the ability to combine different concepts of flexibility to address emerging problems, said lead author Michael Scullin, a doctoral student in the program behavior, Brain and Cognition of Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. This capability is critical to classroom learning.

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In the morning or evening ended an introduction, a virtual conference that trained on the concepts and issues related to supply and demand in microeconomics. They were tested on the material, or immediately after a period of 12 hours which included sleep after 12 hours without sleep, or after one week. The test consisted of the fundamental problems that had been trained to solve the problem, and transfer that requires them to integrate their knowledge of supply and demand to solve novel, but the problems.