Sex and religion, a new study warming controversy

Despite the use of porn, the survey found that 50.2 percent more religious teens got their sex education from personal experience, more than 42.2 percent of teens less religious.Children who grow up in religious homes receive poorer sexual education.

After examining more than 14,500 lay on their sex life key findings of the study were:
Sex improves significantly after leaving the religion.

People feel a sense of sexual guilt taught by their religion, but sexual behavior shows no differences from those with less guilt.

The authors admit the study was not perfect. It ‘was conducted online, with respondents self-report their answers to questions, and all participants identified themselves as secular, which may involve some motivation on their part to paint a rosy picture of post-religion, sexual happiness. The authors believe that the high number of participants goes a long way to catch up with methodological weaknesses, and the authors freely admit the purpose of this study was to test six specific hypotheses that can be found on the link at the bottom of this piece.

Dr. Ray and Religion critical pedigree will no doubt fuel the belief of the inevitability of those most threatened by the study’s conclusions, but in reality, its timing could not be better. Perhaps the religious view of guilt as a possible mitigating factor for the so-called sex and porn will also be encouraged by the results of this research.

Those who have grown more religious experience more guilt, but also to have sex.

Five of the six hypotheses were supported by the results of the study and all six are here:
The use of religion of sexual guilt is measurable in the religions in those more conservative and less liberal.

Most religions preach strongly against pornography and is therefore reasonable to think that porn use is less amongst the most religious. The survey revealed that the use of porn is very high in all groups and is a source Key religious sex education for adolescents.2 percent of cases. The investigation revealed that 90 percent of men have used pornography at the age of 21 years, no significant difference between the most and least religious. For women over 50 porn percent and 70 percent used 21 years to 30 years, with little difference between more and less religious.

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Religiously conservative parents will be less effective for teaching their children about sex parents were more secular.