Servicesrnal and child health services

AIDS prevention and treatment efforts have paved the way for women and children achieve for other critical health care needs, servicesrnal and child health services, a key entry point for HIV prevention, treatment and care click here . ‘Look is The Joint Action Plan for Women’s and Children’s Health to see a new opportunity, as we can deliver integrated health care for women and children along the entire supply chain under one roof,’said Ann Starrs, President of Family Care International. ‘Advocates, the maternal and child health work and HIV / AIDS work, need to increase resources for health, rather than competing for the larger part of the pie. ‘.

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has a new effort this year, UN Secretary General Bann for Women’s and Children’s Health, which existing initiatives existing initiatives the integration the integration and synergies, and identify new commitments for women and children’s health from all areas of society. 2010 a turning point, a historic year, when the world came together to of women and children of women and children was called. However, HIV and AIDS remains a top killer of women and children around the world. – Integrating HIV / AIDS in women and children’s health programs critical to success.

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The Daily Nation on the Kenyan Deputy – Chairman Kalonzo Musyoka having encounter Vice President Xi reported to the Forum. Musyoka to China, the Kenyan farming and for technology transfer into irrigation farming, processing of farm products and mechanized of agricultural production and agro-processing the value addition as to invest.