Sequence data from the structural variation map is publicly available.

###Sequence data from the structural variation map is publicly available , the NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information Trace Archive mapping data are also free of the University of Washington.

Genomes.alf of the structural variations were found in at least two of the eight analyzed genomes. The work also uncovered 525 new regions of large structural variation in the human genome. The large differences came in many forms, including deletions and out-of-place inserts of long stretches of DNA. Nearly half of the new variations are differences in how many copies of a particular gene individuals that. The researchers refer to a copy number variant The structural variation map us a much better picture of genetic variation between the individual and help us to better understand these areas of the genome that big changes big changes over time, said Evan Eichler, from the University of Washington, who led the study..– When the sexual impulse is suffering an lack of thyroid hormone might be to blame and should be be thoroughly examined.

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