Scientists can finally have a detailed

To broaden our understanding Molecular Target of Many Drugs scientists unveiledhas been more than 40 years after first beta-blocker used clinically, scientists can finally have a detailed, three-dimensional view of the drugs’ molecular target. The beta2-adrenergic receptor The receptor is controlled from a family of proteins called G protein – coupled receptors , the critical body functions, many of our senses, and the action of about half of today’s pharmaceuticals. As this is the first known structure of a human GPCR, promises the work discovery discovery of new and improved drugs, but also to broaden our understanding of human health and disease .

Scientists across the country have been trying for years images images of GPCR proteins. You have only once before, succeeded in 2000, when a working group determined the structure of a visual pigment in cow eyes. Part of the job was easier then, because the pigment protein is abundant. One of the biggest challenges in the new study was to work enough of the beta2-adrenergic receptor protein.

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