Scientists are capable of biological molecules.

Scientists are capable of biological molecules, so-called monoclonal antibodies, cancer cells. Cancer cells. Monoclonal antibodies can work alone or powerful anti powerful anti-cancer drugs, radionuclides or toxins a deadly a deadly payload to cancer cells.

In this study, researchers used monoclonal antibodies that specifically referred to specific sites on lymphoma cells to coat tiny structures carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes are extremely small cylinder of graphite carbon that to heat exposed to exposed to near-infrared light. This kind of light, invisible to the human eye used in TV remote controls the channel the channel and is detected by night vision goggles. May penetrate the near-infrared light human tissue up to about 1?Supplement to their Stem Cell Awareness by event, to Stem Cell Awareness Association website (serves as community forum where the people may discuss stem cell therapies, political, Tools and treatment experiences. Location: Denver, Colorado Location: actuating Coffee House Restaurant date: 13 June 2009 time: 14.