Say no to cocaine

Another additive commonly used to cut the purity of cocaine has direct s speed. Speed ​​mimics cocaine users want more, that feeling of hyperactivity. The problem with the speed, in addition to any other medicines, it’s time to get off.‘The interaction of family history of prostate cancer can be explained by the presence of genetic susceptibility factors that are common to both the disease and the metabolic pathway of chlordecone, but also by similar patterns of exposure, shared by members of a family’ .

Many dealers will be cut pure cocaine with just about everything that has a white powdery substance. One of their favorite additive is an anesthetic called lidocaine used by dentists. S Do not know what the long-term risks of prolonged use are, but some health officials suggest that this is not something that people should be taken regularly.

Nicknamed the knowledge of the score of the country, the new approach uses real people to help spread the word about the less glamorous side of cocaine s. These people are often many pubs and clubs that younger audiences are out of their nights. While there, intending to tell anyone who listens about cocaine’s addictive potential, its potential to cause such embarrassing to talk nonsense, and its ability to cause impotence and paranoia.

It takes courage to say no to young people when their friends are saying yes. That’s why the officials concerned in Scotland are trying a different tactic to discourage the use of cocaine.

And this is exactly what this campaign is to provide four weeks. The belief is that users of cocaine once they start to realize that isn t as cocaine they think it is harmless, some are beginning to say no. But you do not know why an individual told them to say.

There is another advantage of this approach: when decisions are made on the basis of the facts, these decisions are more likely to stick.