Savings are for low-income beneficiaries even more pronounced McClellan said.

– The Medicare chief found that nearly one million low-income seniors who qualify ‘for literally thousands of dollars in additional support from the $ 600 credit this year and next. ‘He added that ‘all ‘deep discounts from eight large pharmaceutical companies are also available to help senior citizens, when they use in mid-oney and need extra help their medications their drugs.. Medicare Administrator Mark McClellan told the committee that seniors save the cards 11 and 18 % on brand-name drugs with generics the savings of 35 to 65 %. ‘Savings are for low-income beneficiaries even more pronounced ‘ ‘McClellan said. He pointed out that a recent Medicare study found that reduce with the additional $ 600 – per-year aid available to low-income seniors, older Americans can be 32 to 86 % saving compared with the national average retail prices.

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