SaidAID Working with Travel Sites for donations for HIV / AIDS.

SaidAID Working with Travel Sites for donations for HIV / AIDS, malaria RaisePhilippe Douste-Blazy, a former French foreign minister and head of UNITAID, recently announced that it is in talks with online travel industry air travelers to reserve passengers reported reports per flight donation to HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria worldwide efforts, the financial Times, the global financial crisis has some governments placed foreign aid budgets under pressure , and the United Nations turning to private firms and individuals to the fight against the financing of the three diseases according to the Times.

Suppressor p53 limits the effects of stress by initiating cell death and promoting metabolic patterns in the cell. The oncogene NF-kappaB other hand promotes cell division leading to the synthesis of substrates for cell division. These two cellular responses, both types of stress handle different types of stress, have pursued opposite can not function can not function in the same cell at the same time. As a result, Levine and colleagues speculate that drugs could be developed exploit the fact, if one factor is activated, the other is rendered inactive was. In several places in in several places in both the p53 and NF-kappaB paths where the regulatory proteins acting on both with opposite functional consequences.As a they form groups, they more of a threat.

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