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Board of Medicine permanent closure of Philadelphia Abortion ClinicPennsylvania are health officials strive to permanently close a West Philadelphia abortion clinic, because to a load of more than a dozen violations of state law, the doctor who operated the plant and not the Philadelphia responded Inquirer reported.BC -1040 is a major breakthrough treatment of to prevent further heart problems following acute myocardial infarction .. Follow up For Phase 1/2 Clinical Trials Of BL 1040 Full, A Breakthrough treatment acute myocardial infarction.

BioLineRx Ltd. , announced into the clinical drug development company that Independent Safety Monitoring Board approved the BC 1040 pilot study, which conclusion of Phase 1/2 study and Sign in additional 25 Patient. The ISMB decision to the safety assessment of the first 5 patient least 30 days follow-up after being treated with BL -1040 are based finish not appreciable side effects.