ReVision Optics finishes first phase of clinical trials the FDA

S. and submitted for expansion. Clinical trials are studying the PresbyLens, + view recently renamed to improve near vision in patients suffering from presbyopia, the age-related loss of near vision.As a result, the local institution, the researcher and the project is the Komen funding this year, pending agreements:

The study will evaluate 400 + topics sighted view for three years. Phase I investigators including Dr. Stephen Slade Slade & Baker Vision Center in Houston, Texas, and Dr. Jon Dishler Laser Institute Dishler Greenwood Village, Colorado. ORT is expected that Dr. Dan Tran, central refractive coastal Newport Beach, California, Dr. Y Ralph Chu Chu Vision Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dr. John F. John Olkowski, vision Vision Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Dr. Robert Lehmann Lehmann Eye Center in Nacogdoches, Texas, will participate as researchers, after approval FDA to extend the process.

Presbyopia is a vision problem that involves everyone as they age. When people get older their eyes naturally lose the ability to concentrate, which is usually around 45 years.

For those with good distance vision, symptoms of presbyopia can include difficulty seeing things up close, such as newspapers, menus and computer screens.