Response from the Department of Health and Children on the revision of the program organization (IRO), Ireland

The Program Review Organization (IRO) is part of a wider process of modernization and reform of public service. The purpose of the RFO is to evaluate the overall capacity of departments and agencies to address future challenges and development of relations is, therefore, on the areas that need improvement.The review report was received and the Department was asked to complete a plan of action within 4-6 weeks, with a view to its submission to Government in late March or early April. Reports and action plans for the four departments / offices covered by the current phase of the ORP (the others are owned by the Registration Authority, the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Revenue Commissioners) will then be published.

The department welcomes the report and believes it provides a timely review and helpful. The hours refer to the ministry staff to finalize an action plan for submission in time.

The department has undergone major changes since the establishment of the HSE in January 2005, and available to participate in the ORP, as it was felt that this was the right time to take stock of the department, now and in the future. The review is in progress since last year and included extensive consultation with management, with staff and with stakeholders outside the Department.