Researchers at Case Western Reserve ‘Discover New Pathway Published as “The Book of the Week”

Our discovery will lead to studies that will increase understanding of the metabolic changes that occur during oxidation. This is part of the disease, and inflammation, says Guo-Fang Zhang, Ph.D., research associate at the Department of Nutrition at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine.Dr. Brunengraber was recently named the inaugural Mt. Sinai Auxiliary Commemorative Chair of Nutrition Research. The professor has been made possible by a grant from Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation to commemorate Mt. Sinai Community Partners, a former Mt. Sinai Auxiliary

D., Author Senior Professor and Director of the Department of Nutrition. We plan to extend this project in close collaboration with Gregory P. Tochtrop, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Tochtrop and his group have synthesized a series of carbon-13 labeled compounds which allowed the outcome stages of new lines, we have discovered.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Department of Nutrition, has discovered two new metabolic pathways through which the products of lipid peroxidation and some drugs of abuse, known as 4-hydroxy, are metabolized. Pathways have been identified by a combination of metabolomic analysis and mass isotopomer. The results have shed new light on the mechanism of action of drugs of abuse gamma-hydroxybutyrate, also known as rape drug. The manuscript published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, November 27 was named Book of the week. These documents are chosen from the top one % of all papers presented at the prestigious magazine. This rare type of innovation SET THE foundation for future discoveries

We all know how difficult it is to scratch when we itch.

But how can it be reduced to an itch? In a new study published in the prestigious journal Neuron, researchers at the University of Uppsala, the surprising observation that the same nerve cells that are active when we experience the pain of heat are also associated with itching.