Research project of video games to help blind children exercise

Fit to play VI, a user would need a Wii Remote and a Windows PC with bluetooth or a USB Bluetooth dongle. The games can be downloaded using the instructions in www.vifit. The games are not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo. The lack of vision is a significant barrier to participation in physical activity and consequently children with visual impairments have a much higher rate of obesity and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, eelko Folmer, team leaders and assistant research professor in computer science and engineering department, said.

Than the general population, people with visual disabilities have even less opportunity to engage in physical activities that provide the quantities and types of stimulation necessary to maintain physical fitness and proper support a healthy lifestyle. Folmer and his team are exploring other forms of interaction that allow individuals with visual impairments to play and exercise to increase their participation in physical activity.

Folmer team includes: Tony Morelli, a doctoral student at the University of Nevada, Reno, John Foley, a member of the faculty of the Department of Physical Education and an expert in motion studies of people with disabilities the State University of New York, Cortland and Lauren Lieberman , a researcher at the Department of Kinesiology, Sport and Physical Education Studies at SUNY, Brockport specializes in adapted physical education, especially children with sensory disabilities.

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VI Fit, a project at the University of Nevada, Reno, helps children who are blind to become more physically active and healthy through video games. The team of human-computer interaction research in computer science and engineering has developed a motion detection based Exergame tennis and bowling.

The gameplay of Wii Sports Bowling Bowling is implemented through VI, with an innovative feature of motor learning that allows players to find the direction in which to launch their ball with vibrotactile feedback. The sound effects and speech are used to indicate the result of each throw. VI Bowling was estimated at six adults and was found to produce levels of active energy expenditure is comparable to walking.

Exergame are a new type of games that use physical activity as input and are considered powerful weapons in the fight against obesity.

Unfortunately, Exergame not yet accessible to children with visual impairments, but obviously could benefit the most.