References:1) Bonavina L.

References:1) Bonavina L, DeMeester T, Fockens P, et al: Laparoscopic sphincter augmentation device eliminates reflux symptoms and normalizes esophageal acid exposure: one and two year results of a feasibility study. Annals of Surgery 2010; 252: 857-862.

This innovative technology means that LINX LINX system the symptoms of GERD, alter the alter the anatomy of the laparoscopic implantation of stomach.1 LINX system less than one hour less than an hour are eliminated, wherein the patient in a position to a normal diet again the next day and return to normal activities within a week. 86 percent of A one-and two-year follow-up study of the LINX system showed excellent relief of GERD symptoms and significantly reduced levels of acid exposure in the oesophagus.1 The LINX system has been shown highly effective with 86 percent of people to stop medications for GERD and 86 percent satisfied with their condition two years after LINX procedure.1..Years of County Public Health & State certify H1N1 fatalitiesPinal County Public Health civil servants confirm that a 64 – year-old woman died last week beneficial for the H1N1 virus, was obtained. The woman had underlying health conditions and was the treated to pneumonia time of their death.