Radial and horizontal stem cells differ not only in their arrangement.

Radial and horizontal stem cells differ not only in their arrangement, apparently respond to different stimuli. When the animals are physically active, some radial stem cells abandon their dormant state and begin to divide, while this. Has little influence on the horizontal stem cells The result is that more radial stem cells divide in active mice. The horizontal stem cells, however, are also affected by seizures. It seems that neural stem cells not only found in the brains of mice -. The presence of neurons, course of life the course of life also detected in the human hippocampus. Therefore, scientists suspect that different types of active and inactive stem cells also arise in the human brain. It is possible to that inactive stem cells in humans can be activated in a similar way to inactive stem cells in mice. ‘There are indications that the excessive formation of new neurons plays a role in epilepsy. The use of neural stem cells in the brain in the treatment of brain injuries or degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s can also be possible one day,’hopes Verdon Taylor.

Together with colleagues from Dresden and Munich, the Freiburg researchers have for the first time in explaining why fewer new neurons in the adult mouse brain could be formed. They managed to identify different populations of neuronal stem cells shows that the hippocampus that the hippocampus has active and dormant or inactive neuronal stem cells. In young mice, the stem cells divide than than in older animals. However, the number of cells in older animals is only slightly lower. Continuously neural stem cells with age, but are kept in reserve, explains Verdon Taylor from the Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology.

Preliminary figures from the Health Protection Agency released data show that instances of tuberculosis UK increased by 5.5 percent, 679 notified in 2008 9,153 a year 2009th.

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Asked if countries with high consumption of dairy products have higher rates of ovarian cancer, Fairfield, said that they do, and the reverse is also true: Low consumption of dairy products is associated lower rates of ovarian cancer.

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