Quality measures can improve the quality of care, but lack of understanding of risk – the Kings Fund, the United Kingdom

Among its main recommendations, the Fund has stressed the need to avoid misunderstanding and confusion for the public to be clear about the quality measures and how they will use.– Adopt measures to minimize the risk of misunderstanding and confusion among patients and the NHS bodies when reporting data publicly.

Viruses and the bacterial cells are frequent, use models in biology, often used to demonstrate a principle before moving on to more complex systems.

It also suggests that the NHS should expand the scope of quality measurement to include measures of productivity, efficiency and inequality, and those that capture the quality of patients through routes.

– Improving the measures used for performance management and external evaluation to reduce the ‘gaming’ the system

‘While the openness and transparency are desirable, the increase in information published in the measurement of quality of care means that it is imperative that due consideration is given to the selection and presentation of complex data interpretation.

The quality and safety of health care is complex and difficult to measure, and the measures used are often difficult to interpret. In his discussion paper to evaluate the quality, the Fund defines the questions that should be considered for the development and use of indicators to measure quality.

Veena Raleigh, author and researcher at the Kings Fund, said:

‘When these measures are used as performance indicators, should be interpreted with caution to avoid unintended consequences, such as risk aversion play, or the distortion of clinical priorities.