Purple tomatoes can help prevent cancer

The study, by Eugene Butelle the John Innes Centre in England, and colleagues from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, was published in Nature Biotechnology.For the test, there were three groups of mutant mice, all prone to cancer. These mice usually get cancer and die young.

Scientists in Europe transferred certain genes of snapdragons to tomatoes, creating a deep purple tomatoes and loads of antioxidants. Researchers tested the tomatoes on cancer prone mice, they found that integrated with the purple tomato powder increased the life span of mice compared to mice with a standard diet or a diet supplemented with tomato-red powder.

‘These data strongly support the development of strategies to increase levels of health promotion as bioactive compounds anthocycanins people to consume substantial quantities,’ the researchers write.

Childhood fractures are increasing – a sign that children are not building strong enough bones. Calcium is a key ingredient for building bones, calcium and osteoporosis expert Robert Heaney notes, MD, professor of medicine at Creighton University in Omaha.

The first group ate a standard diet. The second group ate a lyophilized powder from normal red tomatoes. The third group ate dark purple tomato powder.