Programs for the treatment of infectious diseases tadalafil online.

– programs for the treatment of infectious diseases, including HIV / AIDS, hepatitis C and tuberculosis – treatment for drug users; – risk reduction measures; – Guidelines for the rules of hygiene – ensure continuity of prisoners on entry in and after release from prison, in close cooperation with the parties, – psychological help for prisoners suffering from communicable diseases, and – training for all prison staff in the prevention, treatment and control of communicable diseases tadalafil online .

The Madrid RecommendationAn international conference on prison health held in Madrid 29-31 October 2009 health have have over 50. A number of recommendations agreed to combat the problem of communicable diseases in prisons. The goal of the Madrid Recommendation is to ensure, rather than make matters worse, prisons a setting where health and health behavior can be improved and the risk of relapse of the are reduced. These include low-cost measures:.

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