Prof David de Kretser AC at a Government House reception at 6:00pm on 22 February 2007.

‘Neuroscience is an excellent investment for the health and well-being of our community, as well as our nation’s knowledge overall economy. ‘The rewards out of this investment will reap benefits for the 75 percent of Australians affected straight and indirectly by brain disorders every year. ‘The creation of the FNI and Centre will reinforce Melbourne’s placement as Australia’s medical study capital. ‘By bringing our expertise together, we will develop the vital mass that facilitates significant scientific discoveries,’ he said.That is now your contact data source. 4. If you would like to do a mailing, head to Word and create your letter and do a MAILMERGE then, using the excel data source you made, as your database to connect to the letter. This way you can place their name and address wherever you want as well as your letter is more personal. 5.If you are likely to visit or contact then write your notes in the data source so you can follow-up and know everything you need to know, and easily quickly.