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This is further scientific evidence that a little bit of wine actually is beneficial for wellness, researcher Alois Jungbauer stated. He cautioned, however, that wine could be high in calories and that moderate intake is key. Moderate is the equivalent of a small glass each day for ladies, and two for men, he stated. Our big problem is usually to mention the message of a healthy lifestyle because too much wine may cause diabetes and weight problems. If you have wine then you must lessen your intake of calorie consumption from meals by the same amount.Markers of Adherence to Diet The urinary excretion of nitrogen through the maintenance period was greater by 2.09 g per a day in the high-protein groups than in the low-protein groups , and the difference remained significant once the analysis included only participants from whom more than 500 ml of urine had been collected and more than 80 percent but significantly less than 120 percent p-aminobenzoic acid had been recovered. Furthermore, the plasma urea concentration was higher in the high-protein groupings than in the low-protein groupings . Body Weight Intention-To-Treat Analysis The intention-to-treat analysis, performed with the use of a mixed linear model, included all 773 participants who underwent randomization, of whom 705 attended at least one visit after randomization.