Prevalence of heavy smokers in U. S. Decreases

The researchers add that one reason for the decline of smoking was moderately stronger in California than in other United States is in its full range of tobacco control programs.The population prevalence of moderate smokers in 1965 was 11.1 % in California and 10.5 % in other United States in 2007, the prevalence in California was 3. 5.4 % in the rest of the United States of America.

From 1965 to 2007, the prevalence of the population of people who smoked 20 or more cigarettes per day decreased significantly, and there was also a decrease in the prevalence of smoking 10 cigarettes or more per day, with these declines than California, which in the rest of the United States, according to a study on the number of 16 March JAMA.

Of these born between 1920-1929, the prevalence of moderate intensity / high of smoking was 40.5 % in 1965. Moderate / high intensity of smoking has declined for all cohorts after birth, and for the birth cohort 1970-1979, the highest rate of moderate / intense smoking was 9.7 % in California and 18 other 3 % in the United States. There was a sharp decline in the medium / high intensity of smoking among the elderly in all cohorts, but it was not in California. At the age of 35 years, the smoking prevalence of moderate intensity / high in the 1970-1979 birth cohort was 4, 6 % in California and 13.

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The rapid decline in the prevalence of more than 10 cigarettes per day [CPD] smoking in birth cohorts in the mid-1960 is consistent with previous reports of increased incidence of termination occurred after the first dissemination of scientific reports that smoking causes.

The authors note that as expected, the sharp decline in the prevalence of smoking pack per day was reflected in a decrease in deaths from lung cancer in California and the United States

2 % compared to 22.9 % in the other the United States, and these smokers accounted for 56 % of all smokers. In 2007, the prevalence was 2.6 % or 23 % of smokers in California and 7.

2 % or 40 % of smokers in the other the United States.