President and CEO of DiaKine Therapeutics

‘We believe that the combination therapy of his Lisofylline and INGAP peptide has the potential to be a blockbuster drug,’said Keith D. President and CEO of DiaKine Therapeutics. ‘we believe that if successful, this new therapy could dramatically transform approach to the treatment of diabetes . ‘Kevin Roch Kinexum Metabolics CEO, added: ‘It is clear that we to a cure to a cure for type 1 diabetes if we do not use a combination of therapies. This cooperation is to do part of the plan protein, sooner than later. ‘.

About DiaKineDiaKine Therapeutics, is a development-stage company commercializing novel immune modulators initially targeting the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and complications. These new drugs regulate cytokines, part of the body’s mistakenly mistakenly attacking tissue and inflammation. The company developed its first product, IsletLife LSF Media 1, the viability and harvested insulin-producing islet cells improve skills before the transplant. IsletLife LSF media 1thus potentially improve the success rate of the procedure. Other agents in development of DiaKine include: stop adjunctive therapy to cell transplants island, the progression of the type diabetes diabetes in newly diagnosed adults, treatment and prevention of latent autoimmune diabetes of adults , treatment and prevention of insulin type 2 diabetics, Treatment and prevention of diabetes complications.

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