Poor adolescents may get more headaches

But when the researchers looked at adolescents who are genetically predisposed to migraines, they found family income plays an important role, with 4.4 percent of adolescents in low-income adolescents against the income of more than 2.9 percent reporting migraine.MEGA Brands America Inc. of Livingston, New Jersey has now recalled about 2.4 million of its magnetic toys because the magnets in toys can detach, posing a risk to the health of children.

As in adults, the prevalence of migraine among adolescents was higher among girls than boys and among whites against African-Americans.

‘It seems that for adolescents who have a genetic predisposition for migraine, stressful life events related to income do not matter,’ said Bigal. ‘They are more likely than other children for migraine regardless of their socioeconomic status, because they are prepared.’

The researchers examined the prevalence of migraine in a group of more than 18,000 adolescents and their parents. Overall, 6.3 percent of adolescents reported one or more migraines in the previous year.

Among adolescents who have a parent with migraine, about 8 percent of both high and low-income adolescents had migraine.

Bigal, MD, Ph.D., the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY, in a press release.

Migraine in adolescents