Poetry, art, music, help adolescents overcome mental health problems

Figures of Speech is an example of how a creative approach to education can help staff and families to better understand the concerns and experiences of young people in our care. It also helps young people better understand and sympathize with them. Close links are maintained with the top team of the young to ensure they experience a smooth transition to the community. Day treatment is often used as step-down service and can sometimes be used to avoid admission altogether.

Dr. Richard Corrigall, consultant psychiatrist at Snowsfields, described the project as an innovative way to help young people work with their problems.

A Snowsfields, we try to tailor treatment according to individual needs of young people. We use the creative therapies, including drama, art and music, as well as our more formal approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and medication , Corrigall said.

Figures of Speech / Tour of Sound is a collaboration between Snowsfields young people, teachers of Bethlehem and Maudsley Hospital School, Snakes & organizational performance Apples poetry, poet and musician Jared Louche and producer, Karen O ‘Brien.

The types of mental health problems most commonly managed Snowsfields include psychosis, mood disorders, self harm, anxiety disorders and eating disorders serious.

Clive Niall, the teacher who initiated and coordinated the project, described the figures of speech / Tours of sound as a teaching innovation that has created a unique creative community service throughout its duration, involving patients and staff to co-produce the work that everyone was proud.

The unit offers young people a wide range of interventions that are delivered by a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, teachers, therapists, social workers, psychotherapists and art therapists.

Greenland also has one of the highest suicide rate in the world. We found that suicides were almost exclusively violent and increased during periods of constant day. In the north, 82 percent of suicides occurred during the months of days ‘.

We have all worked to build a safe but challenging setting for young people to explore their capabilities in Snowsfields We helped them to discover their artistic voice and we are proud of their work, says Jared.

– Unit Snowsfields adolescence is an open group adolescents, providing mental health care for adolescents with severe mental illness who require hospitalization. The unit has developed a national and international reputation for innovation and has pioneered the introduction of a comprehensive, all hours of operation of emergency shelter.

We were the first units of mental health in the country to provide emergency access 24 hours, which allows us to quickly process the young people in the middle of a mental health crisis.

The youth is given to the project in frustration or white flowers. I am fully invested in the process and has evolved as artists along the way.

Everyone involved in the project has taken creative risks. Young people working on this project are in hospital and very vulnerable, so that the project was made possible only by building trust between all stakeholders. We have seen how youth self-esteem blossomed. They shared the work in two memorable performances throughout the hospital. The international visual artist Anish Kapoor has accepted that some of his work on the cover. Jared Louche, the poet who helped bring the figures speech, described the project as a journey impressive

Adolescents in South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Snowsfields units for adolescents have produced a book of poems, pictures and sounds on admission to the unit.