PLoS ONE was first described for the research in June 2006.

PLoS ONE was first described for the research in June 2006, and the response to the proposal was enthusiastically and effectively. Although PLoS ONE opened its doors to manuscript submissions only in August, it has already received more than 100 submissions per month and starts with the release of 100 peer-reviewed articles. The volume of articles is unprecedented for a magazine launch and is an indication of the strong support within the research community for the PLoS ONE approach.

PLoS ONE is accelerate the pace of scientific research because publishing is faster and more interactive than ever before. Must no longer be there, months of delay between submission and publication. Now there is a way to not only the results of research, but the answers, ideas and opinions from fellow scientists as well as shares.Richard Craven, director at clinical Solutions adds. ‘the availability of a drug data base is already used by the majority of United Kingdom GPs evidence based according integration and exchange on More Information in accordance with national targets. Ultimately, this will help to make safety of the patients by providing a more advanced the context in which decisions about the treatment of a patient. ‘.

‘.. There is a common understanding among of health professionals: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and the Department for Health have to a long-term disability, chronic illness and death thromboembolism venous thromboembolism largely preventable. Three profession – medicine, nursing and pharmaceutical industry – agreed it more to ensureHS. By the joint work and exchange of best proceedings between the health workforce. Health experts shares a great commitment take part collectively in innovative models and best practice VTE prevention. The NHS Medical Director, said Professor Sir Bruce Keogh: ‘Sudden blood clot are the scourge of the modern health care in the world beat them at random killing more than 25,000 people every year our NHS and let many by varicose vein and swollen and open leg ‘This can not continue.