Plant stem cells can be a fertile source of cancer drugs at low cost

Currently, a bark extract rate is used for industrial production of compounds paclitaxel. However, this process is expensive, requires a supply of trees, creation of by-products harmful to the environment.The scientists behind the project were cultured stem cells from other plants with medical applications, indicating that the technique could be used to produce other important drugs outside of paclitaxel.

A popular drug could be manufactured cheaply and sustainable use of trees, a study suggests.

The study was published in Nature Biotechnology and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences supported by the Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

The researchers say that the use of stem cells – self-renewing cells of the trees that can be manipulated to produce large amounts of active ingredient – would create an abundant source of drugs. The process would be much cheaper than traditional methods.

Prof. Gary Loake, University of Edinburgh School of Biological Sciences, who led / participated in the study, said: Plants are a rich source of medicine – about one in four drugs in use today is derived from plants, our results may . propose a low-cost, clean and safe to use the healing power of plants, which could help treat cancer and other diseases.