Personal UVA Dialysis Amherst awarded to the national security of the patient

UVA several other services are recognized as having good practice site for the care of kidney patients. UVA Renal Services is known for hand hygiene, and the center of Altavista Dialysis is known for the prevention of falls.These results held when the researchers considered other risk factors for breast cancer. Spotting breast cancers in dense breasts

‘The staff is really lagging behind in education and security measures, and therefore our figures are really improved,’ says Richard Giles, MD, medical director of dialysis and an Assistant Professor of Clinical Amherst University of Virginia School of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine. ‘Eighty % of our patients were vaccinated for the season this year, which is truly remarkable. More patients are for the year. Patient falls decreased. Rates of infection have decreased significantly. ‘

‘I’m really excited to see their hard work recognized by a national organization,’ said Okusa. ‘Their extraordinary dedication is evident in both their interactions with patients and their attention to safety and infection control. What is important about this award is that these efforts are of direct benefit to patients.’

Recently, the Medical Association recognized the dedication of kidney dialysis Amherst with his second edition of the improvement in end-stage renal disease patient safety award. Amherst Dialysis was appointed by the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition Executive Director Nancy Armistead, MPA, and board member Frank Maddux, MD. The presentation dealt with the hand hygiene UVA gets sick and adherence to protocols.

5-Diamond status of the clinic in the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition has also been extended to March 2012. More information about the 5-Diamond is available here.

The presentations prompted staff to implement security practices and many new educational tools for the 96 patients of the facility. Those included audits to identify safety issues and to ensure that hand-washing protocol was followed, adding more sanitizer stations throughout the structure, and taking surveillance cultures to identify cases early and other potential infections. Continuous improvement of clinical quality committee has also developed a brochure to inform patients about infection control and now offers a newsletter and patient education.

Haemodialysis removes hazardous waste and excess fluid from the blood, mimicking some of the functions of healthy kidneys normally perform.

UVA Renal Services operates eight hemodialysis through central Virginia. Patients with impaired renal function should be subjected to some form of regular dialysis treatment or receive a kidney transplant. Hemodialysis patients typically require treatment for nine to 12 hours per week.

As a result, patient satisfaction scores have increased. In a December 2009 poll, 94 % of patients were satisfied with the clinical effectiveness of patient education and availability of information about drugs.

‘ In June 2008, the scores for these items were 78 %, 79 % and 78 % respectively.