People with high blood pressure are at increased risk of developing heart disease.

High blood pressure is defined by the World Health Organization as 140/90mmHg or more. The researchers found that the volunteers of the blood pressure increased significantly after she experienced a ‘noise event – a noise louder than 35 decibels – such as aircraft traveling overhead snores through traffic outside, or a partner. Peoplehis effect could be seen even if the volunteer remained asleep and so was not consciously disturbed. – Aircraft noise events caused an average increase in systolic blood pressure of 6.2 mmHg and an average increase in diastolic blood pressure of 7, similar increases in blood pressure were seen also for other noise sources such as road traffic.

The research follows recent findings by the same researchers, showing that people who have lived for at least five years near an international airport, under a flight path, have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure than a population living in quieter areas. This study, in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives published, that an increase in night-time noise of 10 dB of high blood pressure of high blood pressure by 14 per cent in men and women. Lars Jarup, one of the authors of the study from the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Imperial College London, said: ‘We know that can noise be a source of irritation, but our research shows that it may also for the health of people which are of particular importance in view of plans to expand international airports, is be harmful Our studies show that nighttime aircraft noise can instantly increase instantly increase and the risk of hypertension..Marion Slack is a professor of pharmaceutical use at the University of by Arizona, where she is Principal Investigator of an industry cross – training programs on country and underserved communities in community health.

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