People across the UK are invited to get their flu shot not not already done so.

People across the UK are invited to get their flu shot not not already done so.For most people flu is not a life threatening disease and takes seven to ten days. But for vulnerable groups, such as the very elderly, pregnant women and patients with diabetes, heart problems, or lung / live / kidney disease, and people with weakened immune systems, it is a serious risk of complications. The best protection for at-risk persons have the flu shot.

The seasonal flu vaccine protects against the dominant strains. The current protects against three types of flu, including H1N1, known as swine flu.The UK was one of the first countries hit by swine flu pandemic, which originated in Mexico in the past year. More than 100,000peak, were over 100,000 new cases are reported every week across the UK.Hepatocytes and invade multiplying thousand times during the following two weeks before bursting from liver into the bloodstream The first 48 hours after infection of a red blood cell of a parasite goes through several phases of development. Said first phase is the ring stage , in which the parasite starts metabolize hemoglobin. The next phase is the tropho step during which majority of parasitic metabolized hemoglobin are higher and prepare reproduce themselves more parasites. Finally, the parasite shall inform asexual multinucleated multinucleated schizont. At the end the cycle, that red blood cells burst open and parasitic can be dispersed to infect more red blood cells..

There will be especially dangerous if to infected cells remain in capillaries brain, impede blood flow, a condition called cerebral malaria. Scientist having of x-ray microscope which learn more about this, schizont. The parasites infect and destroy the blood cells the blood vessels of from an infected host.. Read the full report in the journal Nature.What malaria?Malaria is a potentially deadly blood disorders by a parasite, that human and animal hosts transmitted through the Anopheles mosquito causes. Of the human parasite, Plasmodium falciparum , is dangerous not just because it digests the red blood cells , hemoglobin , but also because it is the adhesion properties of the cell, occupied lives.