Pennsylvania Department of Health Mises stress distribution of H1N1 vaccines, said Pennsylvanians at risk to get vaccinated

The vaccine was distributed to 1556 certified suppliers, including pediatricians, family health workers, midwives, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities that have decided to target groups of people considered most vulnerable to complications as a result of H1N1.He and his colleagues tested what would happen if they blocked the activity of ATM kinase in cells that produce the protein. They had already decided that the administration of an inhibitor of ATM kinase for 15 minutes at 75 minutes after radiation exposure was sufficient to make normal cells more sensitive to the effects of radiation.

Priority groups to receive the vaccine against the H1N1 virus are pregnant women, people from six months to 24 years, health professionals and emergency medical services personnel, parents, family members or guardians of children less than six months, and those under 65 with certain underlying medical conditions.