Parents food choices impact the working conditions “

Like most parents in the United States are employed, the demands are competing for time that can influence food choices for themselves and their children. How parents cope with these requirements and how working conditions are linked to dietary choices of coping strategies are the subject of a study conducted in September / October issue of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.Half or more of respondents often / sometimes used 12 of the 22 food choices of coping strategies and there were gender differences in the use of these strategies. Fathers who worked long hours and unsocial hours were more likely to use the picnic lunch, family dinner lady, prepared for the purchase of inputs, and eat at work. Mothers bought meals at the restaurant or prepared food or missed breakfast. Job security, satisfaction and access to food were associated with sex-specific strategies.

Researchers at Cornell University measured the food choices of coping strategies in low-income families in five categories: prepared to / away from home, to skip meals, individualized meals , for the speed to save time, and planning. A telephone survey in three parts of 25 mothers and 25 fathers employees or guardians of three racial / ethnic groups was used to evaluate strategies for selecting foods.

The hope is that this process may identify some potential new treatments for rare and neglected diseases.

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