Palpitations are very common.

If your palpitations are not or other symptoms or other symptoms, and if you do not have a valve disorder or other structural problems with the heart, which usually means palpitations are benign.. Palpitations are very common. Different people experience it in different ways. You might feel as if the heart fluttering, throbbing, flip – flopping , or pounding, or that it missed a beat. Palpitations can occur out of nowhere and disappear just as suddenly. Or they might activities, events or activities, events or feelings. Some of the most important pieces of information that your help help in pinning them yourself, like palpitations, feeling, how to beat them often, and when they occur. In some cases,lpitations result from premature contractions of the heart chambers or malfunctions of a heart valve. But a physical examination and ECG often do not turn up any problems, which can be frustrating for the patient.

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