Organic onions, carrots and potatoes are healthy levels of antioxidants

The scientists describe experiments in which they analyzed antioxidants called ‘polyphenols’ of onions, carrots and potatoes grown with conventional and organic methods. traditional methods of growth. ‘Based on this study under controlled conditions, it can be concluded that organic onions, carrots and potatoes generally have higher levels of health-promoting secondary metabolites compared to conventional cultivation,’ the report said.ARTICLE: ‘Growth Effects of organic and conventional systems on the content of flavonoids in onions and phenolic acids in carrots and potatoes’

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With demand for organic food increases, the scientists report new evidence that organic onions, carrots and potatoes generally do not have high levels of healthy antioxidants and related substances as vegetables grown with conventional fertilizers and pesticides.

Their study was published in the biweekly ACS Journal ‘of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.