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OneWorld Health investigators at the 3rd International Congress on Leishmaniasis delivered presentations on the following topics: ‘Paromomycin as a new cure for visceral leishmaniasis: preliminary results from a randomized phase III, controlled study of the efficacy and safety ‘and ‘Paromomycin as a new cure for visceral leishmaniasis in pediatric patients: preliminary analysis a phase III randomized controlled clinical trial ‘See / diseases / leishmaniasis_program.php for Abstracts..

Leavitt Promotes Uses of Healthcare IT, EHRs in National Emergencies, USAHHS Secretary Mike Leavitt on Health Information Technology / HIPAA Summit in Washington, on Thursday said that a national electronic health records system would be helpful for people of that stop lose their medical records in the event of an extended emergency such as a natural disaster or a disease pandemic. CQ HealthBeat reports. Over one million people have been displaced because of Hurricane Katrina, and most of them medical records medical records, according to Leavitt. He said the effects of the hurricane represents a strong argument in favor of promotion of health IT, adding that health IT systems enable public health officials quickly identify disease outbreaks in the event an emerging pandemic.The mouse was allowed travel through a device having two separate chambers. In one compartment, they were given nicotinic. In another, have a benign saline. Later, the research know how long mice displayed in each compartment. They also be recorded brain activity in hippocampus, a region of of the brain that is creating new memories. – ‘The brain activity variation was just amazing,’Daniella said. ‘Compared to injections saline, nicotine increased of neuronal connections – times up to 200 % of the strengthening links based on new memory formation. ‘.