Or the sharing of nude or nearly nude photos via mobile phone or the Internet.

‘Understanding the motivations behind sexting is crucial for parents, teachers, police, and pediatricians who want to determine how to take care of such situations as they arise,’ they say. ‘All young people have to understand the risks and potential outcomes of sharing sexual photos of themselves – by texting or online or in person. They also have to know the way to handle requests for sexual photos from others,’ said Carol A. Ford, M.D., president of the Culture for Adolescent Health and Medicine and chief of the Division of Adolescent Medication at the Children's Medical center of Philadelphia.’..About half the young children with ADHD had been diagnosed before age 7, and 31 % had been diagnosed before age 6. Among the kids diagnosed before age 6, a mother or father or other family member was the first someone to become worried about the child’s attention or behavior in three of each four cases, the experts found. Just over half the kids with ADHD received their diagnosis from an over-all pediatrician or family doctor. Only a quarter of the small children diagnosed before age 6 had seen a psychiatrist for their diagnosis, but children were even less likely to obtain medical diagnosis from a psychiatrist because they grew older.