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‘What the people in Darfur need now is less rhetoric and more sincerity from the international community, including the United States,’said Gerald Lemelle, executive director of Africa Action. ‘The story is this government not for their statements of ‘resistance to genocide in Sudan ‘, but for the practical steps they took, remember to put an effective peacekeeping mission in place and the power of his diplomatic efforts. The U.S. Must lead internationally to to to the combine accelerated deployment of these security force with a wide political peace process for Darfur as well as the progress in implementing of the comprehensive Peace Agreement between North and South Sudan. ‘.

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The following highlights of to the Senator coal dedication with the issue of drugs and medicine product marketing detailing, in in new PhRMA Use Code which conduct:.

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Rep. Kucinich has recently adopted a draft bill , which Medicare take advantage prescription drug would supersede with a new program in an effort to for reducing expenses, CQ HealthBeat reviews. Need require Medicare. To direct negotiations with drug companies of discounts on prescription medicines and eliminating co-payments, premiums and deductibles on medicines for beneficiaries In addition, the invoice will limiting rates of prescription pharmaceuticals developing through publicly funded research and enables the purchase of drugs from of an authorized list of the foreign countries. – Kucinich said in a statement: ‘Privatised drug strategy was given a chance and as foretold, it has failed,’added: ‘There is no need of we to keep up with cash to a bad idea to us we, J. Savings taxpayers billion dollar and type senior seniors the medication they require. ‘.