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This CNA / NNOC effort eventually became the Registered Nurse Response Network and now has more than 4,000 members. Of patient care. Support and coordinate the volunteer nurses provide in the event of a disaster, so that nurses focus on providing of patient care. Rnrn organized flights, accommodation and meals for all volunteers and works with federal and state authorities on issues of medical credentials and licenses for out-of-state nurse volunteers to solve.

‘it is very exciting it is communities across the country embrace the LIFENET STEMI management to see Solution, ‘said Randy Merry, vice president of Medical computer science at Physio-Control. ‘reached in just a few months, we have an impressive level of customer acceptance of the LIFENET system, which benefits the it offers users. That that LIFENET STEMI was in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services . Selected as one of the ‘ Hot Products ‘ in June 2008, and as a solution whose design improves emergency service for providers and patients should be conducted Physio-Control is currently under a consent decree with the FDA under certain under certain exceptions, the Company manufacture and supply manufacture and supply a limited selection of products immediate needs of urgent needs of emergency response customers LIFENET is Management Solution STEMI.BioNumerik granted AI Pharmaceuticals, have the exclusive right to develop, market, distribute and Tavocept in Japan BioNumerik has exclusive rights to the areas outside. Tavocept by Japan.