Obama Budget international demand increased funding for global health

The State Department and USAID would receive $ 700 million to target child and maternal mortality in the proposal, an increase of $ 474 000 000 allocated in 2010. Family planning should receive an increase of 65 million in funding from the budget of 525 million to 590 million. Morning Edition, NPR Tuesday examined how U.S. support for international family planning has changed since Obama took office. Under the Bush administration, conservatives also oppose the use of the term reproductive health services , second Morning Edition . Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that increased access to family planning and HIV / AIDS counseling and treatment available to millions of women around the world under the Obama administration (Wilson, Morning Edition, NPR, 2 / 2).

In the news, the Obama budget proposal includes minor modifications of the HHS budget, including an increase of $ 1 billion for NIH, an additional $ 290 million for community health centers and the amount added to $ 1.6 billion child care, the Washington Post reports. Most of the $ 900 billion by the Department of Budget and would have been assigned (Connolly, Washington Post, 2 / 1).

Democrats and Republicans praised the budget proposal of the President in the State Department, the Washington Times. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry’s (D-Mass.) said that the budget of the proposed Obama demonstrates the commitment of development assistance president for programs for global health, food security, change the heating and global poverty. Tom Ridge, former secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush said: The programs supported by the international affairs budget are critical for our national defense security programs, adding: The development and diplomacy to protect our nation, addressing the root causes of terrorism and conflict (Kralev , Washington Times, 2 / 2).

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Obama’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2011, which was posted on Monday, 9percent increase in funding for global health issues, including reducing maternal and infant mortality, the Wall Street Journal. S. Agency for International Development and the Ministry of Defence. The approved budget for 2010 allocated $ 8.8 billion for these departments, reports the newspaper.

Also included in the proposed budget is 500 million for fatherhood, marriage and the Innovation Fund of new families that would extend state subsidies competitive behavior and rigorously evaluate comprehensive programs of responsible parenthood. CQ HealthBeat According to the proposal could also allocate a fund of $ 2.5 billion emergency temporary assistance to needy families Block Grant (Norman, CQ HealthBeat, 2 / 1).

According to the Journal, the budget includes several ambitious targets to achieve by 2014, including reducing maternal mortality by 30percent – about 360 000 lives saved – and the reduction of mortality in children under five years of 35percent – about three million lives saved – in the recipient countries. The proposed budget would aim to provide a drug therapy against HIV / AIDS to 1.6 million people and reduce the prevalence and in Africa by half.